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September 2019 Articles

"With more people than ever buzzing about the benefits of plant-based diets and opting for animal-free alternatives to the traditional burger, plant protein is earning its place at the kitchen table right alongside its animal-derived counterpart. Which might have you wondering: When it comes to plant and animal protein, is one healthier than the other?"


July/August 2019 Articles

"Foreplay doesn't have to be quite so paint-by-the-numbers. Sex therapists and experts weigh in with their favorite foreplay tips and ideas—and you're going to want to try them all the next time you get frisky."


June 2019 Articles

"Not every booty builder needs to be a big lift with five inches of plates and plenty of grunts. Sometimes the best work you can do for your body is actually a bit simpler."


May 2019 Articles

"It there’s one thing we could all use more of, it’s that bam-zing-POW invigorated feeling you get after a night of perfect sleep or—let’s be honest—an espresso shot. But those aren’t the only ways to put more pep in your step. It may seem counterintuitive, but expending energy with a good sweat can actually rev you up."


April 2019 Articles

"Here, several trauma counselors and one trauma survivor explain how to help a friend or family member who has been through something horrible. Exactly what they need from you will depend on your relationship and evolve throughout their recovery, but the suggestions below are a good place to start."


January- March 2019 Articles

"It's all about getting those hips moving in every direction. 

We use the muscles in and around our hips constantly, from getting out of a chair to walking, to powering through just about any workout. Which means there’s a good chance you’ll feel it when your hips aren’t functioning at their best."