Whatever your recipe needs may be, they can almost always be satisfied on Pinterest. The website is a great place to find just about anything: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and any snacks or sweet treats you might require in between. Whether you're looking for weekday meal prep ideas, oozing chocolate desserts, or cute party appetizers, Pinterest has you covered. And if you're trying to find new ways to use your Instant Pot or your slow-cooker, it can help you do that, too. (Oh, and if you're not exactly sure what it is you're looking for, you can follow other pinners with tastes similar to yours—their pins will show up on your feed without you having to search, so you'll be hit with inspiration without even having to think about it! Here are our favorite healthy food pinners.)

It can also lead you to vibrant, delicious-looking salad ideas that might help freshen up your eating routine or get you out of a lunchtime rut. Because it sometimes is hard to navigate the thousands—millions, probably—of veggie-packed salad recipes out there, we asked the folks at Pinterest which recipes were the most popular. These 10 salad recipes are some of the most-pinned out there, which means they've been vetted by thousands of users and are guaranteed to deliver. From decadent chopped Mexican salads to warm, roasted veggie salads, they're all simple, healthy, and so good, you'll understand just why they're so beloved in no time.