News for women every morning, in brief, to get your day started right!

News for women every morning, in brief, to get your day started right! News for women every morning, in brief, to get your day started right!



March 16 , 2020

Good morning , here the week was passed in oppositional states of being ,  the news

brought daily updates of shortages and disease and new, appalling statements of

flippant ignorance from our president for all the world to hear . This is embedding in

Americans a kind of psychological virus , a new certainty that while our government

has resources to help us , we don’t have the leadership . 


 Countering this is God and the equally sure and now unflagging revelation of spring. There was

the amazing news about an internet connected thermometer company with millions of units

sold and in use , that  has tracked flu fevers and potentially can “see” fever hotspots by backing

out  the  flu data they have tracked for years . 


There are three bills running through Congress that may prove only a bandaid but something is

better than nothing .  


I now travel alone through my days, in my car , in my neighborhood, alone even when I am with

people , they are in pairs and nuclear groups of kin . All day, every day , I move as a single unit ,

the center of an invisible circular space . 


With gratitude , I can go out to the Al Shakespeare Festival and walk my now aging Stella . She

is agile and still strong, she shares my space . She does tire on the long walks but eats and

sleeps well afterwards.


The park allows for social distancing separation and provides a small sense of human kinship for

me . I am finding a kind of fascination in the collections of humans . The young mother blowing

soap bubbles into the air , to the delight of her 3-year old who charges after them as they rise

into the atmosphere and  “ magically “disappear. The older couple , he still in the uniform of

pleated dark pants, polished shoes , white shirt and  pocket pen ( yes literally), he has worn to

work for possibly 45 years and she in Birkenstocks and light weight cottons favored by those

who spend long hours in a garden, they stroll hand in hand. Young lovers wrap themselves

around one another, whispering, and young men run and run and run, building endurance and

confidence in preparation for an unknown tomorrow. Brown and yellow fuzzy ducklings

struggle with diving for breadcrumbs lessons,  nature assisting with a buoyancy that “pops”

them upright again on the surface . It is not a bad thing to be the tiniest part of the greater

 world, with no real significance , instead it rare gift— a moment to set down anxiety and

examine the bright mysteries that travel with us,  so near to us , they may as well be in our

pocket . 



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