Never one who's discouraged to make a bad first impression, President Trump took the occasion of an address to a national conference of police chiefs in Chicago to tee off on the city’s police superintendent and highlight its ongoing challenges with crime, claiming that Afghanistan “is a safe place by comparison.” The latest instance of Trump attacking a city that he feels is politically unfriendly territory, following his sharp criticism last month of homelessness in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and his description this summer of Baltimore as a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced ahead of the event that he would not attend because he felt “it just doesn’t line up with our city’s core values.”Trump at Monday's event rattled off several statistics about crime in Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, which had 561 homicides last year, according to police. The old, let me pull some crap out of my assets of unsubstantiated facts that no one will ever check. Today, I did, because I heard Johnson once explaining how homicides in Chicago were down since 2016 when the city hit its highest rate ever and the year Johnson became superintendent. Lo and behold the Chicago Tribune had done it already for me as did the Wall Street Journal. I have no dog in this fight, I've been to Chicago once just to say that I have been there. But every now and then, I am going to stand up to gross inaccuracies and for common decency. Feel free to do the same that's why we are here. Share your voice when you feel it, soon and often. 

Renée Greene
Out The Door Morning Briefs
Boston, MA


Chicago, People Killed, Murder Rates, Chicago Gun Deaths, Eddie Johnson, Superintendent

Chicago, People Killed, Murder Rates, Chicago Gun Deaths, Eddie Johnson, Superintendent

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